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Kamos Plus, essential elegance. Quality as a tactile and chromatic perception of linear or enveloping solutions in a modern style. The eclectic modularity of spaces makes appreciate the minimal lines and the schematic rationality of Kamos Plus. Ergonomics and safety of available spaces, built to increase the effectiveness of actions, thus work efficiency. Suspended lines, as light as air which envelops them in their solid and comforting simplicity. A system of refined stylistic details which go beyond their function. The choise of finishes varies from somber Tundra Elm to resolute Tenebra Walnut, representing in its own right the middle level executive with linear and decent taste.

Smart solution
Architecture must have charm; it is a factor of beauty in society. But real beauty is not a conception of form:it is the result of harmony between several intrinsic factors, not the least, the social – Alvar Aalto
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