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Our production policy has always paid special attention to the protection and respect of the environment. For this reason Aran World has made the cover of most of the production area with photovoltaic panels which produce solar energy; the aim is to be self-sufficient from the energy point of view by reducing the use of fossil energy.
They were created four installations of electrical energy production from photovoltaic conversion.

ISO 9001

The ARAN World quality system oversees every corporate process which affects quality, such as: design, manufacturing, technical services and sale with own furniture brands, in order to satisfy the customers.

ISO 14001

ARAN Cucine has adopted an environmental management system based on ISO 14001. Following the ISO 14001 regulation rules, ARAN World assures a constant improvement on the environmental protection, handling natural resources, waste materials, atmospheric emissions and in particular energy resources.

ISO 45001

Company policy is inspired by the principles of the protection, safety and dignity of the human person. The implementation of these principles is achieved through the implementation of a management system complying with the requirements of the international standard.


FSC.With this certification the company, in addition to contributing to the nature conservation, demonstrates its commitment to the environment and the protection of ethical and social values of the communities that live in the forests, adopting a behavior more responsible and a sustainable use of the planet’s resources.