Newform Ufficio



A Fascinating Story

The creation and development of the ARAN Cucine brand is really fascinating. The protagonist Renzo Rastelli is a self-made man. He started taking care of kitchens when he was 20 years old and everybody knew him as a footballer. Rastelli founded Newform Cucine and his vocation was from the beginning to conquer the foreign market. His career progression was extremely fast: in the early 2000s Rastelli took a leading role in the ARAN Cucine business and the success came from the brilliant idea of the flatpack which makes it possible to load in one single container more than 40 kitchens. Right from the beginning, whilst mantaining the production department in the area of Zona Industriale di Atri, in Abruzzi, the attitude was global.


Brand values

Creative energy

Freshness in creating products with a free and original imprintingand wisely mixing brightcolours and innovative finishes

Team buiding

Strong team attitude for trust, reliable and respectful relationships

Quality orientated

High esthetical, ergonomic, raw materials quality, industrial safety, manual works and technologies


Understanding the clients and their needs by offering a versatil and careful range of products


Consciousness of social, ecological and economic responsability and attention to present choices for long term results


Experience based and guaranteed by the tradition of Made in Italy


Unità produttive

Aran 1

Uffici commerciali marchio Newform Ufficio e sede amministrativa del gruppo.

Aran 2

Uffici commerciali e produzione per il marchio Aran Cucine.

Aran 3

Produzione per il marchio Newform Cucine (versione non assemblata).

Aran 4

Produzione di top per cucine, e sviluppo e produzione per il marchio Newform Notte.

Aran 5

Produzione di ante e complementi in legno.

Aran 6

Produzione per il marchio Newform Ufficio e smistamento di ante per cucine assemblate e in kit.

Aran 7

Produzione di semilavorati e componenti.


A human being behind each desk. NEWFORM Ufficio’s aim is to equip spaces with ergonomic solutions enhancing the job experience



Building office furniture up to date, both with technology and human acvities. Talent, creativity and Italian design for a worldwide product with a metropolitan taste and environmentally friendly


Production sites

Administrative and commercial headquarters

Production plant


Pre acceptance and quality control

Production of wooden doors and accessories

Flagship store ARAN WORLD Silvi Marina (TE) Italy

Night line exhibition production plant commercial division


Research and development production department

ARAN CONTRACT headquarters