Newform Ufficio


In the design of office furniture it is essential to choose accessories that respect the principles of ergonomics and that combine functionality and aesthetics. Kobe is the maximum expression of tailormade projects, with attention to the smallest details, for functional and ever-changing environments.

Smart solution

The great creative designer knows how to guide the public taste. He can suggest solutions that people do not expect. He can create positive perceptions that are unknown to the public at the beginning, and there are any market research that can show them – Andrea Pininfarina

Focus on

The elegant structure with conical legs gives lightness to the desk. Available in 3 finishes, it is always equipped with chromed feet and, together with the tapered leg, it represents one of the two structures typologies of the Kobe collection.


Kobe proposes a series of modular service furnitures, boiserie, shelves and wall cabinets to decor private offices as open spaces, blending pratical necessities and stylistic choices. The service furniture can be integrated to the desks to offer an additional worktop and extra contenitive space. In this case, the originality stands into the drawers, characterized by a peculiar vertical profiled handle grip.

Protagonists of the new Kobe line are the desks, that presents a unique top, flush with the metallic structure to lighten the design, eliminating useless overlays and playing with color contrasts.