Newform Ufficio

Style and rigor

Opera isn’t a collection; in other words it is not a set of items to be adapted to the market’s tastes but, on the contrary, out of the traditional approach, it goes against the stream: starting from real needs, NEWFORM Ufficio mixes up different types of worktops, combining them with the aluminium structure, which is the theme of the project. The interaction between worktop and structure, design and durability, style and rigor gets to a final result approaching the idea of communicating pots.

Smart solution

The great creative designer knows how to guide the public taste. He can suggest solutions that people do not expect. He can create positive perceptions that are unknown to the public at the beginning, and there are any market research that can show them – Andrea Pininfarina

Focus on

Interpreting concrete needs, Opera proposes different typologies of worktops. Among them, the introduction of a desk extension allows a best use of the desk itself, helping its user in the daily work routine.


The back supporting storage units (that allow to connect more worktops and offer comfortable sits with fabric cushions) are particularly functional because double-sided. Thanks to their customizable structure, it is possible to freely use the storage units on both sides, allowing a more versatile distribution of desks.

The iconic elements of Opera are the desk and the bookshelf, characterized both by a light but complex aluminum structure. A line with soft and rounded shapes that holds the tables tops as the bookshelf modules. The grace of its shapes makes these furnishing complements perfect also for housing solutions.